Dating Safety

Online Safety

  • Never send money for any reason and report anyone who asks
  • Do not share any personal information including home address, phone number, financial information, place of work or other sensitive data.
  • Be wary of people immediately asking for Whatsapp or other method of communication
  • We cannot identify scammers that communicate outside of our site - such as on Whatsapp or Line. Try to talk here and get to know someone first before sharing another chat ID. This makes it difficult for scammers.
  • Do not share any photos or personal information with people you do not trust.

Profile Photo Verification

A verified profile shows that our moderators have checked their selfies against their profile photos to prove that they are really the person in the photo. While this protects against catfishing (someone using fake photos) you should remain vigilant.

Offline Safety

If you choose to meet someone in real life here are some safety tips:

  • Have a short video call with someone first before meeting - even if they have a verified profile. A vibe check can save you both time!
  • Meet in a public place such as a mall
  • Dont share a vehicle with them
  • Meet in the daytime
  • Tell a friend where you will be or even better bring them along for the first meeting
  • Do not drink alcohol on the first date. Dont leave any drinks or personal items like a phone/bag unattended while you go to the bathroom.
  • Have a friend call you 15 minutes into a date so you have an excuse to leave if things arent going well

Reporting Profile & Photos

Help maintain a safe environment for all by reporting profiles that violate our guidelines.

  • You can report profiles with the "Report Profile" option on every profile. Giving a reason helps us be more clear about blocking the user
  • We do not notify the other user that you reported them
  • If you accidentally report someone dont worry about it - we dont block people without a good reason
  • You can report bad messages from the chat page

Contact us

If you had a bad experience with a member that blocked you or deleted their profile - you can email us so we can investigate: