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Download the PinaLove Filipina Dating App for Android:

Join over a million members from all over the Philippines by downloading the PinaLove app for your Android phone below.

Download PinaLove Filipina Dating App for Android
Updated June 2023 (v1.9.998)
1) Allow "Unknown Sources" by opening Settings > Security.
2) Tap above to download the PinaLove.apk.
3) Open the downloaded file to install to your phone
Where is the Pinalove Google Play app?
Currently PinaLove is only available for Android via direct download from
How do I install the PinaLove App?
Download the PinaLove app apk file to your phone. You may need to go into your phones Settings > Security and allow option for "Unknown Sources". Then try to open the PinaLove.apk download again.
What is "Unknown Sources"?
On Android to install an application from somewhere other than the Google Play store you will need to enable this setting. Since the PinaLove app isn't currently available on Google Play this option needs to be enabled to install our app.
Is my app account and website account the same?
Yes - if you log into our app with the same username it will be the same account.
Why install the PinaLove app vs using just the website?
The app makes it easy to take/send/save photos, notifications, and is better performance and uses less data than the website saving you time and money.
Where can I download the PinaLove app?
For Apple devices you can use the iTunes store linked from our homepage. For Android please only download from our website. There are a lot of other websites hosting what claims to be the PinaLove app but it has not been released by us and using it may compromise your account. Please only use the official PinaLove Android app downloadable on this page.
Download PinaLove App for iPhone/iPad